The server runs Saberfactions - a plugin that enables players to team up, make their own kingdoms, conquer land, make alliances and fight wars. This all happens in survival mode, with various perks and extra features, to make this even more interesting. You will also encounter custom made minigames along the way.

Map size

The map is huge, but not infinite. It spans 25km in all directions.
(50000 X 50000 blocks) Giving the server a surface area of 2500 square kilometres. But it is still possible to find bases with the various tools the server provides as you progress. We want players to be able to run into each other, but not make it so cramped that players are constantly threatened by their neighbours. Exploring will get easier with progression, as you unlock new tools.

Extra Features

The server employs a huge number of plugins to make the experience extra fun. There are over 9 different ways to make money, a huge underground dungeon with 7 levels and rewards, special weapons and armor which you can wear or sell to the highest bidder. 13 ranks to obtain and 18 kits with all kinds of items and this does not even begin to describe what the server has to offer in terms of content. To find out for yourself, I can only recommend joining.


There are currently no plans to wipe the server. Because the map is largely new and there are hardly any lag problems. This may change, but we will give you all a warning in good time and keep your inventories and ranks if we ever have to wipe the map. To keep lag low, we will be removing laggy structures and upgrading server RAM

Server Capacity

The server is hosted with 12 gb of RAM and unlimited data. It is protected from DDOS and has firewalls to protect the players progression on the server. This means that over 200 players can play on the server at the same time without fear of losing their progression. The more players on the server, the more we will upgrade the server and increase the number of slots.

A dynamic world

The server is inspired by 2B2T. We want a world with factions, cities and politics that is forever evolving, while only wiping the map if we absolutely have no other choice. The servers terrain will evolve, you will make your own story and server history will be written through tragedies and victories. I am looking very much forward to seeing what wonderfull adventures awaits us on the Igamerz Factions server.